An updated version of the assassin character from the Free Company series. I wanted there to be a bit more of a narrative, and frankly, the old pose just wasn't doing it for me. Now he looks much more like the murderous rake he is.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Face detail. 
Chest detail. Please note the blood in the chest hair. Murder is messy business.
Rat detail. I tried to make this rat look touchably fuzzy.
Hand detail. I struggled with his hands before my ex-husband suggested adding blood as if he's just killed someone. Now the hands might be my favorite part of the piece.
Eye detail. I always pictured Baalhano as someone who has such thick eyelashes that it looks like he's wearing eyeliner. It was hard not to overdo it.
Chair detail. I drew most of the fabric before realizing how little actually shows under the figure. Whoops.
Lap detail. It was tricky not to go overboard with the garment details in this area. Menswear from this period was all about wacky codpieces, so by that standard Baalhano's pants are downright understated.
Stained glass detail. I'm a geek for Death and the Maiden imagery and used a Hans Beham engraving as a reference for this window design. 
Foot detail. He almost got out of the way before the blood started to pool, but not quite.
Finger detail.
Locket detail. Rather than taking the exact same locket from the old drawing I opted to redraw it so it fit the new level of detail better. I stuck with the old drawing inside the frames, though.

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