I've played tabletop RPGs since I was in third grade and I have no interest in stopping any time soon. I get really into making characters with super-detailed backstories so I can try to lose myself in them as much as possible when we play. Sometimes I get a bit too into it, which can be awkward when something tragic happens in the game. One day I found myself ruminating in character while I was at work. 
This drawing was a way to get my brain to focus more on reality and less on the witty retorts my character should have said.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
I asked one of my students to take some reference photos of me so I could really nail the "Jessie, it's a GAME. Cut it OUT" facial expression. Thanks Erica.
Every single die is a critical failure. I love drawing dice.
Drawing these dots by hand took me half the afternoon to get right. Totally worth it.
We usually play 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons these days. I did a loose interpretation of the 3rd edition book instead because I wanted to keep that area from looking too busy and I preferred the brown with the other colors in the piece.
Outline mode.

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