I’ve been drawing with vectors for so long that I almost forgot there were other things. Lately I’m trying to draw using unfamiliar tools in order to confront my insecurities - doing the hard things I usually avoid, even when I want to throw my iPad out the window. Right now that means drawing without vectors, forcing myself to mix and blend, and trying super hard to do it all on one or two layers tops. 
At first it was painful and frustrating, but I’ve turned the corner and I’m starting to genuinely love what I can do with the pixel brushes and live oil paints in Adobe Fresco. It feels good to look at old weaknesses and see strengths blooming there. It makes me wonder what else I can do if I just try really hard. 

Dan on his phone in a dark garage

My father, ready for a nap

An attempt to draw myself from memory after drawing a string of self portraits (but I'm faceblind... so...)

Second attempt with live oils in Fresco

First attempt with live oils in Fresco

A long look in my bathroom mirror

Pink again

A quick portrait on Halloween night, still partially in costume

Coloring my hair

Bleaching my hair

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