Yzebel - Baalhano's Nightmare

Illustration of a nightmare scene from the Fasseke's Free Company series.

Another illustration from the Free Company's story - a scene from one of the character's recurring nightmares. Baalhano's sister died shortly after her babies were killed, and he relives that night frequently in his dreams. 
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Locket detail. She always wore a locket with a drawing of both her and her brother inside. When she died he started wearing it, so it appears in both of their portraits. Hers is shiny and clean, with fresh blood in her half. You can see the tarnished, faded version in Baalhano's portrait in my portfolio.
Dress detail. The embroidery is a bit of a nod to her brother's shirt. 
Blood pool detail. This took so many layers to get right. 
Skirt blood detail. I wanted the blood to look like it was seeping through all of the different sheer layers of fabric from underneath rather than sitting on top.
Face detail. I made sure that she had the same eyes as her brother, plus a little blood. I also wanted her to have a bit of a "this is your fault" facial expression. Ahh nightmares.

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