Brian Maxwell

Character portrait of an outlaw biker.

Brian is a character from a more current setting than I usually do. In this particular story, he represents a modern take on Pecos Bill. I don't think I've ever put so many American flag colors into one drawing in my life.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Head detail. This has been a heck of a lesson in textures
Bike detail. I'm particularly proud of the surfaces on the bike and helmet. 
Gun and belt buckle detail. Pecos Bill once used a snake as a lasso, so I worked that into the belt buckle. Also, Brian has a special pair of Colt 45 Peacemakers that he keeps on him at all times.
Gas tank detail. The horse is a nod to Widow Maker, Pecos Bill's horse in the old tall tales.
Beard detail. Brian's a bit of a babyface, but the facial hair helps.
Chrome detail. Harley Softail Heritage Classics have so many reflective surfaces.
Patch detail. I wanted these to look lived in. Very, very lived in.
Front wheel detail. Pecos Bill once rode a tornado, but that wasn't coming across in the paint job. I opted for lightning instead.
Hand detail. Brian is an exceptional gunslinger, so naturally he has "Bang Bang" tattooed across his knuckles.
Face detail. I love drawing eyes.

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