Brienne of Tarth

Vector drawing of Brienne of Tarth, one of my favorite characters from Game of Thrones.

This piece is another "draw along with my students" vector drawing. Students were to draw a person (living, dead, or fictional) who inspires them. They had a week to do a complex, representational vector drawing using a range of references.
I picked Brienne of Tarth because she's the role model I never had as a kid. Women were always relegated to love interests and damsels in distress in all of the books, shows, and games I liked when I was growing up. Whenever I played knights and wizards and such on the playground, the boys tried to make me cower in the jungle gym so they could save me. I always refused, because I could save my own damned self, thank you very much. Then I'd grab a stick sword and smack them around to prove that I was a better pretend-knight than any of them. 
If I had had access to characters like Brienne I might have known that it was actually pretty cool to be the strong, aggressive little girl I was. More characters like her, please.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Hand detail. I love swords, and Oathkeeper was especially enjoyable to draw.
Face detail.
References and layers.
Vector outlines.
Process shots. I took a screencap at the end of every workday.

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