I teach drawing in VT during the summer, and one of the best things about this is maple scone day. They only serve maple scones once per session, and oh man, they are just so, so good. The returning staff and students hype up maple scone day so hard that by the time it arrives the whole campus is in a frenzy. People run across campus to get a good place in line and leave the dining hall with dozens of scones filling their pockets and tumbling out of their arms. It's nuts. You really have to see it to believe it.
Dignity has no place in the dining hall when it's maple scone day, so I decided to make a very dignified looking scone lording over all of us with its scone mind control. 
Vector drawing in Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator.
Outlines and shapes.
The early stages. I was convinced that it was a good idea to have a little splat of maple syrup around the scone. Then I looked at it and it looked wicked super gross on several different levels.
A friend wisely suggested I change my color palette, and I ditched the splat. Granted, the scone went through a vaguely poo-like stage, but I think I overcame it.

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