Valas - Elf Archer

Commissioned character portrait of an elven archer.

I'm on a big Dragon Age kick. I did a rare commission because my imagination is so steeped in that sweet fantasy universe that I can't stop drawing apostate mages and Seekers of Truth. Valas is a city elf of Dalish heritage who is adept at lying as he is at hunting with his longbow. His player described him as looking like an exasperated Alan Cumming, but with Dalish facial tattoos and an enormous longbow.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Valas is a consummate liar and can talk himself out of most situations, so his player wanted him to look like he was caught doing something he shouldn't do and was trying to lie his way out of it. I was aiming for a "come on, would I lie to you?" facial expression
A lot of rogues in Dragon Age Origins have patterns like this peeking out from under their armor. I love drawing embroidery.
Belts are so much fun to draw. I love that fantasy characters usually wear an almost hair-metal-ish number of them.
Valas' boots might be my favorite part of this drawing. He travels a lot so he needed a really good pair.
Outline mode. So many ovals!

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