I met Rodrigo Perez-Segini at Adobe MAX, where we cemented a friendship over a night of wandering around the Las Vegas Strip and talking about art, inspiration, accents, roller derby, and dude-bros. We went our separate ways the next morning - him back to Chicago, me to Boston. 
Missing the energy of being surrounded by Adobe nerds, I asked him if he'd like to collaborate, and he offered up some of his recent photos to see what I'd do with them. 
Vector drawing in Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustrator.
Outlines and shapes. This one was so complex that I had to send it from my Draw to Illustrator a few layers at a time over a couple of hours.
Progress shot.
Collaboration is fun, so the Illustrator file is in his hands now for another round. I'm eager to see what he does with it. 

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