Desideria Garcia

Character portrait of a priestess character from Fasseke's Free Company.

Desi is the newest member of Fasseke's Free Company. She's a priestess of the Sun God and a recovering party girl, but she's not all smiles and sunshine. I tried to capture that moment right before she lets loose and burns your pants for offending her.
Vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Coast detail. Hyalnoria, is a coastal city known for its formiddable navy.  The coast is littered with Man o' Wars and other giant monster ships.
Dress detail. She's a rich girl, so I figured she'd be a bit more high fashion than the other people in the Free Company. I gathered inspiration for the gold embriodery from a few of my Alexander McQueen books.
Face detail. I tried out several different skies before settling on sunrise. It brings out the gold in her hair.
Sky detail. I got really into that part. I mean, hey, she worships the sun, so I had to go full-on Maxfield Parrish on her background.

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