I Draw Stuff
My process is pretty straightforward. I meet people, I look at them for a while, maybe take a photo if they have somewhere else to be, and I draw what I see. That’s it. No filters, no tracing, no effects beyond putting marks on a surface. The only difference between what I do and traditional painting is that I have to charge my tools periodically and I have the luxury of hitting “undo” when I don’t like a mark I’ve made.
I do most of my work using a combination of Adobe Draw on my iPad and Adobe Illustrator on my Macbook Pro. I love drawing with vectors because they’re flexible. They’re infinitely scalable, every shape is always editable, and I can reorganize their layer order in a document quickly and easily. Drawing with vectors is almost like making a paper collage, but without needing to use glue because I’m working in a room with no wind. Paradise.
As far as subject-matter, I’m pretty stuck on people – faces in particular. I'm faceblind, and I only learned that I had it as an adult. Discovering this was like learning that everyone around me had X-Men powers and I was just a regular person. It made me look at people extra hard to try to see what the rest of the world else sees, and all of that looking turned into doodling. After long enough doodling became drawing. Then drawing became a growing body of work.
So yeah, I draw stuff. There really isn’t much to it beyond looking, reacting, and making my hand agree with my eyes. Also, hitting “save” once in a while as needed.
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